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Vincent Ignatious Werling


Generation No. 1

1.  NICHOLAS1 WERLING was born 11 Jun 1796 in Belgium, and died 11 Apr 1888 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.  He married SUSAN MANTAL in Belgium.  She was born 22 Mar 1787 in Belgium, and died 04 Jun 1876.



Arrival: Bet. 1809 - 1852, Ohio

Emigration: 1831

Religion: St. Boniface Parish listed as Parish members on 19 Dec 1848 listing Nicolaus Werling

Residence: 1880, Huntington, Huntington, Indiana

Surname Listings: Werling, Warling, Wherley

Will of Nicholas Werling Sr.



Emigration: 1831

Residence: 1870, Huntington, Huntington, Indiana

     Children of NICHOLAS WERLING and SUSAN MANTAL are:

              i.   SIMON2 WERLING, b. 25 Nov 1828, Arlon, Belgium; d. 29 Aug 1900, Seneca County, Ohio; m. SUSANNA GREMLING, 1854, Adrian, Ohio; b. 25 Dec 1829, Arlon, Belgium; d. 02 Jan 1917, Seneca County, Ohio.



Arrival: 1831

Residence: 1880, Hopewell, Seneca, Ohio



Emigration: 1850


              ii.   JOHN WERLING, b. 1830              

2.          iii.   MARTIN NICHOLAS WERLING, b. 28 Sep 1832, Bethel, Stark, Ohio; d. 02 Sep 1909, Bacon, Seneca, Ohio.

             iv.   HENRY WERLING, b. 1834; m. MARIAN MEILEY, 04 Jan 1859.

             v.   KATE WERLING, b. 1837.

             vi.   ELIZABETH S. WERLING, b. 07 Apr 1839; d. 15 Aug 1847, St. Boniface.

            vii.   NICHOLAS CHARLES WERLING, b. 1843, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio; m. ELIZABETH HUTH, 05 Jun 1866, Seneca, Ohio.

Generation No. 2

2.  MARTIN NICHOLAS2 WERLING (NICHOLAS1) was born 28 Sep 1832 in Bethel, Stark, Ohio, and died 02 Sep 1909 in Bacon, Seneca, Ohio.  He married MARY A. LONSWAY 10 Sep 1861, daughter of JOSEPH LONSWAY and SARAH.  She was born 14 May 1843 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio, and died 31 Dec 1906 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.


Tiffin Daily Tribune

Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

2 SEP 1909



Martin Werline Passes Away in Bascom


Martin Werline, a highly respected and well known retired farmer, of this city, died suddenly at the home of Charles Ley, in Bascom, at 4:30 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon, death being due to neuralgia of the heart.  Accompanied by Lawrence Ley, he drove to the home of the former's son, in Bascom, yesterday afternoon, and was apparently in his usual good health.  Shortly after arriving in Bascom, they were sitting in Mr. Ley's blacksmith shop, when he became suddenly ill and was carried into the house and a physician was summoned, but he died a few minutes later.  He was born in Bethel, Star k county, Ohio, October 22, 1832, and when yet a young man came to this county, settling on a farm in Seneca township, where he lived, with the exception of four years spent in California, until eleven years ago.  He then moved to this city, taking up his residence on Monroe street, where he has since resided.  In 1861 he was united in married to Miss Mary Lonsway, of Seneca township, to which union twelve children were born, eleven of whom survived him; Joseph and Mrs. Mathias Walters, of Big Spring township; Mrs. Emma Echert, residing near Tiffin; Mrs. Joseph Sipher, of Mexico; Lewis and Leander of Hopewell township; Rev. Edward Werline, of Misbawaka, Ind.; Leo, of Seneca township; Albert of Cincinnati, and Mary, of this city.  He is also survived by thirty grandchildren.  The funeral will be held at St. Joseph's church, at 9 o'clock Saturday morning and the interment will be made in St. Joseph's cemetery.



Burial: 04 Sep 1909, St. Joseph Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Occupation: Worked the mines of California

Residence: 1860, Seneca County, Ohio



Burial: St. Joseph Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

   Children of MARTIN WERLING and MARY LONSWAY are:

              i.   EDWARD3 WERLING

Education: St. Mary's Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio

Occupation: Priest, Elkhart, Indiana


              ii.   SARAH A. WERLING.

             iii.   AMELIA WERLING, b. 13 Jul 1862; d. Bef. 1906.

             iv.   JOSEPH ANTHONY WERLING, b. 03 Aug 1863.

             v.   ROSE ANN WERLING, b. 24 Mar 1869.

             vi.   SUSANNA C. WERLING, b. 16 Dec 1870.

            vii.   LOUIS SYLVESTER WERLING, b. 12 Apr 1872.

3.        viii.   LEANDER MARTIN WERLING, b. 11 Mar 1874, Ohio; d. 03 Sep 1951, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.

4.          ix.   LEO ANDREW WERLING, b. 31 Jan 1879, Seneca Twp., Seneca, Ohio; d. 22 Oct 1959, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.

             x.   MARY S. WERLING, b. 30 Apr 1881, Tiffin, Ohio, Seneca County; d. 12 Mar 1964, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio



Occupation: Priest's Housekeeper, 40 yrs
Mary S. Werling Obituary


             xi.   GEORGE ALBERT WERLING, b. 12 Mar 1886.

Generation No. 3

3.  LEANDER MARTIN3 WERLING (MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 11 Mar 1874 in Ohio, and died 03 Sep 1951 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.  He married CLARA CATHERINE GILLIG 19 Apr 1898 in St. Joseph's Church, Tiffin, Ohio.  She was born 11 Apr 1879 in Seneca, Ohio, and died in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio



Burial: St. Joseph's Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Leander Werling Obituary

Military service: US Army; World War I

Occupation: 1918, Farmer

Residence: 1910, Seneca, Ohio

     Children of LEANDER WERLING and CLARA GILLIG are:

              i.   AGNES MARY4 WERLING, b. 31 Aug 1900, Seneca, Ohio; d. 16 Mar 1981, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.

              ii.   LAVIAN SARAH WERLING, b. 14 Jul 1902; d. 28 Oct 1988.

             iii.   RAYMOND WILFRED WERLING, b. 06 Sep 1918; d. 17 Sep 1944, France, Warwickshire, England.

             iv.   CHARLES WERLING, d. 01 Jan 1975.

             v.   ANDREW WERLING, d. 25 Nov 1992, Tiffin, Clinton, Ohio.

             vi.   EDWARD WERLING, d. 15 Dec 1979, Seneca, Ohio.

            vii.   CLARENCE WERLING, d. 24 Mar 1985, Tiffin, Clinton, Ohio.

           viii.   PAUL WERLING, d. 23 Jan 1973.

             ix.   FRANCES WERLING, d. 28 Jun 1986. 

4.  LEO ANDREW3 WERLING (MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 31 Jan 1879 in Seneca Twp., Seneca, Ohio, and died 22 Oct 1959 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.  He married EMMA CECELIA STEIN 17 Feb 1903 in St. Joseph's Church, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.  She was born 03 Nov 1872 in Clinton Twp., Seneca, Ohio, and died 25 Nov 1944 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.



St. Joseph Marriage Record

Burial: St. Joseph's Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Military service: 1918, US Army; World War I

Occupation: Potter

Residence: 1910, Seneca, Ohio



Emma Stein Obituary

Burial: St. Joseph's Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Residence: 1920, Tiffin Ward 4, Seneca, Ohio

     Children of LEO WERLING and EMMA STINE are:

5.           i.   VINCENT IGNATIOUS4 WERLING, b. 16 Nov 1903, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio; d. 16 Aug 1948, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.

              ii.   JAMES WERLING, b. 31 Jan 1905, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio; d. 03 Sep 1921, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio



Burial: 06 Sep 1921, St. Joseph Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Medical Information: Contributory:  Perforation or Hemorrhage


             iii.   CLETUS WERLING, b. 1907, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio; m. HENRY F. SLATMAN; b. 02 Jun 1892; d. 15 Dec 1961.


                   More About HENRY SLATMAN:

                   The Advertiser-Tribune
Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio
16 Dec 1981

Henry F. Slatman
Henry F. Slatman, 89, formerly of 28 McCollum St., died at 3:45p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, 1961, at Fremont Memorial Hospital.  He had been admitted there the previous day from Eshelman Nursing Home in Clyde, where he had lived for the past year.

A native of Fort Jennings, he was born June 2, 1892, to John adn Christine Overhill) Slatman.  He was preceded in death by his first wife, teh former Ruth Lenz, and by his second wife, the former Cletice Wherling.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Andrew (Alice) Crabtree of Clyde, Mrs. John (Beatrice) Fisher of Tiffin and Mrs. Joan Welser of Fairborn; 11 grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.  Three sisters died previously.

He was a member of Washington Street United Methodist Church.  He served in France and England during World War I and had been retired for a number of years.

The Rev. Robert E. Sherman will conduct services at 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the Turner-Engle Funeral Home.  Burial will be in Greenlawn Cemetery.

Visitation at the funeral home will be from 7-9 p.m. today.  Expressions of sympathy may be made to the donor's choice.


6.          iv.   MARTIN LEO WERLING, b. 13 Jul 1914, Tiffin, Ohio, Seneca County; d. 05 Jan 1955, Fort Harrison, Montana.


Generation No. 4

5.  VINCENT IGNATIOUS4 WERLING (LEO ANDREW3, MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 16 Nov 1903 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio, and died 16 Aug 1948 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio.  He married MARIAN ELIZABETH LONSWAY 21 Jan 1924 in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan; Marriage: Circuit Court, daughter of LOUIS LONSWAY and SARAH MYLER.  She was born 23 Nov 1905 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, and died 27 Apr 1976 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.



Vincent Ignatious Werling Obituary 1,2

Burial: 18 Aug 1948, St. Joseph's Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Medical Information: Bronchial Asthma

Occupation: 1948, laborer, Railway Express Company

Residence: 1910, Hopewell, Seneca, Ohio



See Lonsway Genealogy

Marian Lonsway Werling Obituary

Burial: 30 Apr 1976, St. Joseph Cemetery, Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Census: 1930, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana

Medical Information: Hypertension

Occupation: Chief Cook, Elks Club, Tiffin, Ohio

Residence: 1920, Evansville Ward 8, Vanderburgh, Indiana

     Children of VINCENT WERLING and MARIAN LONSWAY are:

7.           i.   RICHARD VICTOR5 WERLING, b. 10 Aug 1924, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana; d. 18 Jul 1983, Pinellas, Florida.

8.           ii.   VINCENT LEO WERLING, b. 05 Dec 1925, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana; d. 19 Mar 1992, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.


6.  MARTIN LEO4 WERLING (LEO ANDREW3, MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 13 Jul 1914 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio, and died 05 Jan 1955 in Fort Harrison, Montana.



Military service: US Air Force, 10 yrs. (Alaska, Japan, Korea)

Residence: Montana

Martin L. Werling Obituary

Generation No. 5

7.  RICHARD VICTOR5 WERLING (VINCENT IGNATIOUS4, LEO ANDREW3, MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 10 Aug 1924 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana, and died 18 Jul 1983 in Pinellas, Florida.



Military service: 1945, World War II, US Marine Corps, 25th Battalion, Purple Heart

Residence: 1930, Kokomo, Howard, Indiana

Calvert High School (Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio):  Page 22, 36, 37

     Children of RICHARD WERLING and LIVING are:

              i.    LIVING

              ii.   LIVING

9.          iii.   LIVING

8.  VINCENT LEO5 WERLING (VINCENT IGNATIOUS4, LEO ANDREW3, MARTIN NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 05 Dec 1925 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana, and died 19 Mar 1992 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio.  He married LIVING FREITAS, daughter of JOHN FREITAS and MARY RITZENTHALER



Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Galloway, Franklin, Ohio

Military service: Bet. 1944 - 1946, World War II, US Marine Corps, Corporal

Occupation: Linoleum Mechanic

Calvert High School 1942 Yearbook, Page 24



See Freitas Genealogy

      Children of VINCENT WERLING and LIVING FREITAS are:

            i.    LIVING

            ii.   LIVING

           iii.   LIVING

           iv.   DAVID JUDE WERLING, b. 18 Oct 1964, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio; d. 14 Jul 2009, Friday Harbor, San Juan, Washington.

James Werling


Cletus Werling


Martin Leo Werling


Vincent I. and Marian

[Lonsway] Werling


Richard Victor Werling


Vincent Leo Werling


Vincent (left) and Richard (right) Werling



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