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Edward Morrow


Generation No. 1


1.  PIERRE1 MORIN was born Abt. 1634 in Normandy, France, and died Abt. 1690 in St. Thomas, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada.


Child of PIERRE MORIN is:

2.           i.   PIERRE2 MORIN, b. Abt. 1669, Plain-Haute, St. Brieuc, Bretagne, France; d. October 28, 1722, Beauport, Quebec, Canada.



Generation No. 2


2.  PIERRE2 MORIN (PIERRE1) was born Abt. 1669 in Plain-Haute, St. Brieuc, Bretagne, France, and died October 28, 1722 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.  He married MARIE MADELEINE DE L ESPINAY February 22, 1693/94 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.  She was born Abt. 1675 in Beauport, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada, and died November 28, 1752 in Beauport, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada.



3.           i.   JEAN BAPTISTE3 MORIN, b. May 13, 1701, Beauport, Quebec, Canada; d. February 06, 1749/50, Lorette, Quebec, Canada.



Generation No. 3


3.  JEAN BAPTISTE3 MORIN (PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born May 13, 1701 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada, and died February 06, 1749/50 in Lorette, Quebec, Canada.  He married JEANNE MARGUERITE BONHOMME December 26, 1722 in Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec, Canada.  She was born June 09, 1702 in Lorette, Quebec, Canada, and died in Lancienne Lorette, Quebec, Canada.



4.           i.   IGNACE4 MORIN, b. October 20, 1723, Charlevoix, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada; d. January 01, 1770, Vercheres, Monteregie, Quebec, Canada.



Generation No. 4


4.  IGNACE4 MORIN (JEAN BAPTISTE3, PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born October 20, 1723 in Charlevoix, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada, and died January 01, 1770 in Vercheres, Monteregie, Quebec, Canada.  He married MARIE JOSEPHE MESSIER January 14, 1760 in Stjean, Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.  She was born March 15, 1735/36 in Varennes, Vercherres, Quebec, Canada, and died in Vercheres, Monteregie, Quebec, Canada.



              i.   MARIE MARQUERITE5 MORIN

              ii.   JOSEPH MORIN

5.          iii.   IGNACE MORIN, b. Abt. 1760, St. Denis, Quebec, Canada



Generation No. 5


5.  IGNACE5 MORIN (IGNACE4, JEAN BAPTISTE3, PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born Abt. 1760 in St. Denis, Quebec, Canada.  He married MARIE ROUSSEAU.  She was born April 03, 1750 in Pointe, Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada, and died January 31, 1780 in Sthyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.



6.           i.   JEAN-BAPTISTE6 MORIN-MORROW, b. July 11, 1819, St. Francois, Du Lac, Quebec, Canada; d. September 01, 1882, Sevastopol, Door, Wisconsin.



Generation No. 6


6.  JEAN-BAPTISTE6 MORIN-MORROW (IGNACE5 MORIN, IGNACE4, JEAN BAPTISTE3, PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born July 11, 1819 in St. Francois, Du Lac, Quebec, Canada, and died September 01, 1882 in Sevastopol, Door, Wisconsin.  He married ELISABETH HOULE September 29, 1844 in St. John Evangelist Catholic, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin.  She was born April 26, 1823 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, and died December 26, 1895 in Medford, Clark, Wisconsin.



The Door County Advocate

SEP 1882


Old man Morrow died at the home of his son Aleck in the town of Sevastopol, last Friday, of Consumption, after a prolonged illness.  The funeral took place on Sunday.  Deceased was brother-in-law of David Houle.



Burial: September 02, 1882



              i.   JOSEPH7 MORROW, b. 1845

              ii.   JEAN MORROW, b. 1846

7.          iii.   ALEXANDER MORROW, b. May 21, 1847, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. March 22, 1925, Sevastopol, Brown, Wisconsin.

             iv.   JOSEPHINE MORROW, b. March 12, 1850

             v.   AMANDA MORROW, b. January 1852; m. GEORGE GREEN

             vi.   SARA JANE MORROW, b. October 15, 1853

            vii.   SUSAN MORROW, b. 1857

           viii.   ADELAIDE MORROW, b. September 25, 1859, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. May 20, 1914, Chilton, Wisconsin; m. (1) LENTZ; m. (2) THOMAS CULLEN; m. (3) RABIDEAU, 1879, Brown County, Wisconsin

Burial: May 23, 1914, Medord, Michigan

             ix.   AGNES MORROW, b. 1863

             x.   WILLIAM MORROW, b. October 18, 1864



Generation No. 7


7.  ALEXANDER7 MORROW (JEAN-BAPTISTE6 MORIN-MORROW, IGNACE5 MORIN, IGNACE4, JEAN BAPTISTE3, PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born May 21, 1847 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brown County, and died March 22, 1925 in Sevastopol, Door, Wisconsin.  He married FRANCES KUNSELA May 16, 1873 in Wisconsin.  She was born May 15, 1849 in Bohemia, and died May 21, 1931 in Sevastopol, Door, Wisconsin.



History of Door County -- A Beautiful County, Volume II

Chicago, 1917; Pages 153 - 154


Alexander Morrow.

Alexander Morrow, who follows farming on section 10, Sevastopol township, is a native of Wisconsin, born May 24, 1846, and is a son of John and Elizabeth (Houle) Morrow, natives of Canada and Wisconsin respectively.  When our subject was small his father was employed in sawmills in many parts of this state but later purchased a farm and lived thereon until the last few years of his life.  For a time he made his home in Sturgeon Bay but his last days were spent with our subject, passing away here September 1, 1882.  After his death the mother made her home with a daughter in Medford, Michigan, where she died and was buried.  The remains of the father, however, were interred in a cemetery at Sturgeon Bay.  To this worthy couple were born nine children, but the family became widely scattered and our subject knows of but one brother and one sister now living, these being William, a resident of Medford, Michigan; and Amanda, the wife of George Green, of Chicago.


Alexander Morrow was quite small when the family located on a farm near Green Bay and amid pioneer scenes he grew to manhood, his early educational advantages being such as the district schools afforded at that time.  After laying aside his textbooks at the age of sixteen years he worked as a farm hand in Door county for some time but was finally able to purchase the south half of the southeast quarter of section 10,Sevastopol township, which he cleared and improved, converting it into a good farm where he now resides.


On the 16th of May, 1873, Mr. Morrow was united in marriage to Miss Frances Kunsela, a native of Bohemia who came to America when sixteen years of age, but her parents never crossed the Atlantic and are now deceased.  The children born of this union are as follows:  George, who died at the age of forty-four years, leaving a widow and five children, now residents of Sevastopol township; John and Jerome, both dredge captains in Boston, Massachusetts; Edward, a resident of Buffalo, New York; Frank, who is now operating the home far; Mary, a widow of Michael Donovan, living near Oneida Reservation, Michigan; and Ethel, at home.  The family are communicants of the Catholic church and Mr. Morrow is a member of the Catholic Order of Foresters.  Wherever known he is held in the highest esteem and he is regarded as one of the leading citizens of his community.


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Door County Advocate

27 MAR 1925


Pioneer Resident, Sevastopol, Dead

Alex Morow Succumbs at Institute

Came to County During the 70's

Veteran Farmer Spends Last Days in Retirement Many Attend Funeral


INSTITUTE -- Alexander Morrow, one of the most prominent pioneers of the town of Sevastopol, died Sunday evening at his home here where he has lived for the past five years a retired farmer.  He was 73 years of age.


His wife and family and his brother William, of Phillips, Wis. except for Jerome Morrow, a building contractor of Albany, New York, and Edward Morrow real estate agent at Cleveland, Ohio, sons of Mr. Morrow, were all present at the beside.  Other children surviving are Frank, now of this community, but most of the year in the employ of the Sullivan Dredge company, Bay City, Michigan; Ethel, Mrs. Bernard Rushka Oshkosh; Mary, Mrs. Mary Donovan, Ionia, Wis.; and John of the G.H. Breyman Brothers Dredgins company, New York city.  Two children died in infancy and one George, died in 1914.  Besides members of the immediate family, Mr. Morrow, is survived by eighteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


Born in DePere


Mr. Morrow was born at DePere, May 24, 1846, a son of John and Elizabeth Houle, of Canada and Wisconsin respectively.  Most of his boyhood was spent in DePere but after a short time employed in this county.  As a young man he settled on a farm in Sevastopol which has since been his residence.  This was 48 years ago in the days when lumbering held the primary attention of pioneers who were forced to carve out a farm in the wilderness.


In May 1873, Mr. Morrow was married to Miss Frances Kunsela, who was a native of Bohemia who came to this country when sixteen years of age.


The funeral held at the SS. Peter and Paul church there yesterday morning at 10 o'clock was attended by large numbers of people both from this town and the surrounding country.  The Catholic Order o f Foresters and the League of the Sacred Heart, of which Mr. Morrow was a member here attended in a body.  The burial took place at the church cemetery.  The Rev. Father Kuborn officiated.



Burial:  St. Peter & Paul, Sevastopol, Wisconsin

Residence: 1870, Lawrence, Brown, Wisconsin



Door County Advocate

27 May 1931



Institute -- A large number attended the funeral of Mrs. Alex Morrow, 78, early Sevastopol resident, which was held from the St. Joseph's church in Sturgeon Bay Monday morning with the Rev. Father Bunkleman officiating.  Interment was at the SS Peter and Paul cemetery here.


The Women's Catholic Order of Foresters and the Christian Mothers of which Mrs. Morrow was a member, attended the funeral in a body.  Pallbearers were Patrick Hogan, John Henkel, John Moore, George St Rahn, Rudolph Simon and Dennis Finegan.


Among those from outside attending were Mrs. Mary Donovan, Irma, Wis.; Jerome Morrow, Albany, N.Y.; Frank Morrow, Bay City, Michigan; Mrs. and Mrs. Bernard Rushka, Oshkosh; Mrs. and Mrs. Edward Morrow and family and Mrs. Edward Andres of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. and Mrs. Martin Sidlo, and Mrs. and Mrs. George Hassel, and Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Yanda, of Kewaunee; and George Donovan, Whiting, Ind.


Mrs. Morrow died last week Thursday morning at 3:15 o'clock from a heart attack suffered a half hour before.  She was born in Bohemia May 13, 1853, and came to the county with a sister in 1868, settling at DePere.  May 16, 1873, she was married to Alex Morrow at DePere, and four years after the couple came to live in Door County.  Mrs. Morrow lived in Sevastopol 39 years and at Institute nine year s.


Surviving are the following six children:  Mrs. Mary Donovan, Irma, Wis.; John, of Institute, Jerome, of Albany, N.Y.; Edward, of Cleveland, Ohio Mrs. Bernard Rushka, Oshkosh; and Frank, of Bay City, Mich.



              i.   GEORGE8 MORROW, b. February 14, 1874, Wisconsin; d. March 07, 1914, Wisconsin.

              ii.   MARY MORROW, b. February 18, 1875, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. January 02, 1959, Merrill, Lincoln, Wisconsin.

             iii.   JOHN MORROW, b. October 24, 1877, Wisconsin; d. April 24, 1946, Wisconsin.

             iv.   JEROME MORROW, b. December 03, 1882, Wisconsin.

             v.   GABRIEL MORROW, b. November 07, 1884.

8.          vi.   EDWARD RICHARD MORROW, b. August 11, 1887, Wisconsin; d. May 1970, Reading, Hillsdale, Michigan.

            vii.   WILLIAM MORROW, b. May 25, 1889.

           viii.   FRANK MORROW, b. January 26, 1892.

             ix.   ETHEL MORROW, b. November 05, 1893.



Generation No. 8


8.  EDWARD RICHARD8 MORROW (ALEXANDER7, JEAN-BAPTISTE6 MORIN-MORROW, IGNACE5 MORIN, IGNACE4, JEAN BAPTISTE3, PIERRE2, PIERRE1) was born August 11, 1887 in Wisconsin and died May 1970 in Reading, Hillsdale, Michigan.  He married ARMELLA R. RITZENTHALER November 10, 1914 in St. Mary's Church, Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, daughter of JOHN RITZENTHALER and MARY LOEFFLER.  She was born August 29, 1891 in Sandusky, Erie, Ohio, and died March 04, 1935 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.



Burial: St. Mary's Cemetery, Sandusky, Erie, Ohio



Sandusky Star Journal

Sandusky, Ohio

30 May 1905


First Communion Class

Following is the full list of boys and girls who were in the first communion class at St. Mary's church, Sunday:   ... Armella Ritzenthaler


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The Sandusky Register

Sandusky, Ohio

4 JUL 1911


Miss Armella Ritzenthaler and Miss Minnie Loeffler are spending a couple of days in Toledo.


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Sandusky Star Journal

Sandusky, Ohio

12 NOV 1920


Mrs. Ed Morrow and daughter Mary Esther, of Lakewood are visiting Mrs. Morrow's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ritzenthaler of W. Market-st.


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Sandusky Star Journal

Sandusky, Ohio

5 March 1935


Mrs. Armella Ritzenthaler Morrow, wife of Edward R. Morrow, and a former well-known resident of Sandusky, died Monday evening at St. Johnís Hospital in Cleveland, following a brief illness.  She had been removed to the hospital last Wednesday.


In Cleveland the Morrow family lived at 17503 Woodbury-av.


In addition to her husband, Mrs. Morrow is survived by four children: Mary Esther and Rose Claire, and Richard and Jerome Morrow; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ritzenthaler, of W. Market-st, this city; two sisters, Mrs. Edmund Andres, and Mrs. John Freitas, both of Sandusky, and a brother, Frank J. Ritzenthaler, also of this city.


Mrs. Morrow was aged 43 years six months and five days and prior to her marriage had resided here.


The body was brought here last night and removed to the Charles J. Andresí Sons Funeral Home.



Burial: March 07, 1935, St. Mary's Cemetery, Sandusky, Erie, Ohio.



              i.   MARY ESTHER MORROW b. February 18, 1918; d. March 31, 1992; m. PETER CHRISTIAN; b. April 10, 1918; d. January 1974.



The Star Journal

Sandusky, Ohio

3 SEP 1921


Little Miss Mary Esther Morrow of Lakewood, is visiting her

grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ritzenthaler of W. Market-st.


              ii.   EDWARD RICHARD MORROW, b. December 07, 1920, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio; d. July 25, 1945, Honolulu, Hawaii.



Education: John Marshall High School (Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio)

Military service: Bet. 1943 - 1945, World War II, 1st Lieutenant, 502nd Bomber Squadron


9.          iii.   LIVING

10.        iv.   LIVING


Frank Morrow


Ethel Morrow


Jerome Morrow

Armella [Ritzenthaler] Morrow


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