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In 1796 Col. Ebenezer Zane, an American pioneer and land speculator, received funds  from Congress to cut a road from Ohio to Kentucky. He responded by naming the first settlements in honor of Cambridge, Maryland. The land on which part of Cambridge stands was granted to Zaccheus Biggs and Zaccheus Beatty by the government in 1801. In 1806 another group of early settlers from the Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel of England pitched camp in Cambridge because the women in the party refused to move on.

During the early years of the Ohio territory, much of the region I-70 travels through east of Columbus was known as the U.S. Military District. Land here was granted to individuals in recognition of military service during the American Revolution. The new American government was short on cash, but there was plenty of land so some claims were paid with deeds for acreage in Ohio. For many of the former soldiers whose homes were in the East, Ohio might as well have been the moon, so they turned around and sold their land to speculators. This might have been how the two Zaccheuses obtained these tracts

Cambridge was named for Cambridge, Maryland, where many of its early settlers were from. The natural resources include coal and clay. The coal was mined; the clay was used to manufacture pottery, tile, and bricks.

Early in the 1900's, the county, and particularly Cambridge became synonymous with quality glass of Cambridge Glass. Cambridge is known worldwide for its production of fine glass: blown glass, etched glass, pharmaceutical glass, dinnerware, and thousands of other products.  From the late 1800s until the 1950s, the Cambridge Glass Company was the city’s largest employer, but then the company was closed and sold. Today, Cambridge Glass is sought after by collectors, and the city’s legacy is kept alive by two museums in the community that tell the history of glassware production in central Ohio.

Cambridge, Ohio Pottery

Cambridge, Ohio Pottery Photographs (image 4)


The Cambridge Glass Company

Cambridge Glass Company Postcard.

Cambridge is the county seat of Guernsey County, Ohio. Residents named the town after Cambridge, Maryland. In 1806, residents established the town, which was located along Zane’s Trace. Eventually, the National Road also passed through the community, making Cambridge a center of trade.

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